is it a hammock or a safety net?


ACC is a compulsory Government based Insurance scheme that all people working in New Zealand must join. Those employed on wages pay their ACC levies as part of their PAYE tax deducted by their employer whereas those who are self-employed pay their ACC Levies direct to ACC under one of two schemes:

  • Cover Plus
  • Cover Plus Extra
The two options are assessed differently at claim time, with variable benefits, and I work with clients to ensure they are on the best structure to meet their needs and expectation at claim time. While the latter option may suit most self-employed people, the client must be very clear on the advantages AND disadvantages of either option.

So, give me a call, we can secure some time and have a chat – after all, you can’t make an informed decision until you have all the information– I can recount countless stories of where people have benefited from such discussions.