Worth more than gold!

We all know that good health is our biggest asset. We are VERY fortunate in NZ to have a Public Health system, it's not perfect, but it is there. However, every day in the press or the news, we see and hear that the system is under pressure and people are forced to wait for treatment.

Are you Healthy?

Everyone wants medical treatment within a reasonable time frame, but the public system might not be able to help.

Enhancements in medical treatment mean people have a very wide range of options, but the public system might not offer these. When your health is a stake, these become very pressing issues.

To take away the doubt of having access to healthcare when you need it, not when the public system can provide it, we can help you choose from a range of options that can be tailored to your situation and budget.

If this area concerns you, please call me to arrange a chat, and together we can look at the options available