The Game of life – Live!

We all know how busy life gets, time flies and how easy it is to spend money. So when you combine all three, it’s easy to lose focus on the longer-term picture of managing money. Add to this mortgage and other debt payments, and it soon becomes so easy to focus only on the now, losing sight of the future.

Your Money Coach

As a result of ineffective financial management, most people pay thousands of dollars in unnecessary, avoidable interest.

At school, they teach us to count, multiply and the history of the early settlers of New Zealand, but nothing about planning our finances and how to manage our money effectively.

We can help you to

  • grasp your finances
  • control them
  • AND .... get where you want to go.
Financial planning is about understanding all the factors and elements of your life and putting them into a workable strategy to manage today, tomorrow, next year, the next decade, and on into “those retirement years.”

A Financial Plan is a working structure reviewable as time progresses to ensure the original objectives are not lost over time but are flexible enough to meet the changing environment we know today as life.

“A plan is not a plan until it is written down – up until then, it is only a dream” – Anon.

Let’s face it, if we were to fly to the moon and we were 1 degree off target at take-off, an early correction is simple rather than flying the same trajectory for the entire trip, only to find out our initial 1 degree is now many thousands of miles off target.
If you want some help to help you to work out where you are and where you want to go financially, please call to arrange a meeting about our money management services. The meeting is free so won’t add to your financial stress.